Our group participates in the following experiments:

» Super-Kamiokande
A huge water netrino detector in Japan. Built to study atmospheric and solar neutrinos.» Hyper-Kamiokande
Planned bigger version Super-Kamiokande.
Wnętrze detektora SuperKamiokande
ND280 - bliski detektor eksperymentu T2K, w pozycji z otwartym magnesem » T2K
Experiment using a neutrino beam produced in Tokai (Japan). The near detector ND280 in Tokai …
… and SuperKamiokande (as fardetector, 295 km away from Tokai).  Zbliżenie na fotopowielacze na dnie detektora SuperKamiokande
» KM3NeT

Research infrastructure localized in the Mediterranean Sea, consisting of two detectors: ARCA (bigger, focused on astrophysics) and ORCA (more dense instrumentation, optimised for oscillation physics; aiming to measer the neutrino mass hierarchy).

» ICARUS [finished]
Time Projection Chamber (TPC) detector filled with liquid argon, delivering excellent pictures of neutrino interactions.
Elektronika odczytu na detektorze ICARUS
» MINOS/MINOS+ [finished]
Experiment using a neutrino beam from Fermilab (near Chicago) and two detectors: smaller, located at Fermilab and a bigger one in Soudan mine in Minnesota.

Our research is focused on:

  • Neutrino oscillations and masses
  • Atmospheric, solar and reactor neutrinos
  • Proton decay searches
  • Cosmic neutrinos from supernovae (SNe) etc.
  • Dark Matter

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