Welcome to the page of Theory Meeting Experiment conference series. This year’s edition is:  European Workshop on Water Cherenkov Precision Detectors for Neutrino and Nucleon Decay Physics (TMEX 2018 WCP).

The main goal of the Theory Meeting Experiment workshop this year is to gather the enthusiasts of water Cherenkov detector experiments and discuss their impact on neutrino physics from the experimental as well as from the theoretical point of view.

The water Cherenkov detectors have played an important role in neutrino physics allowing for the first detection of Supernova neutrinos in 1987 (by Kamiokande and IMB detectors) which was later granted with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002, and leading a decade later to the discovery of neutrino oscillations (by Super-Kamiokande and SNO) which resulted  in awarding two leaders of those experiments with the Nobel Prize in 2015. The neutrino physics probed with water Cherenkov detectors extended beyond those awarded measurements allowing  for detection of very high energy cosmic neutrinos by IceCube or the discovery of muon neutrino to electron neutrino appearance oscillations by T2K. Still many other important mesurements are ongoing and planned .

The primary purpose of this year TMEX conference is to review the status of neutrino water Cherenkov detection technique with its impact on neutrino physics and a vision for the future development of this subject. The conference consists of invited plenary talks by the experts in the field and contributed poster sessions. We are planning to provide an overview of current and anticipated water Cherenkov experiments, discuss the impact of their measurements on theory and provide insight into upcoming future measurements.

The Workshop is going to be held in Warsaw on September 19-21, 2018. It is organized jointly by the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of Warsaw University of Technology (PW),  Department of Physics of the University of Warsaw (UW) and University Autonoma de Madrid (UAM).

Please read the 1st bulletin here.


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