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From the airport to/from: the conference venue the university hotel Hera the city centre and the main train station
From the main train station to/from: the conference venue –  the university hotel Hera
  From the University Hotel Hera to/from: the conference venue

Arriving by plane at Frederic Chopin airport (WAW)

Most of the airlines (except Ryan Air) arrive to Frederic Chopin airport (WAW), located about 10km from city centre.
(If you are flying with RyanAir, please contact the organizers for information)

The airport can beeasily accessed by public bus, train or taxi.

Taking TAXI from the airport: There are 2 taxi companies recommended by the airport authorities: ELE  (+48 22 811 11 11) and SAWA  (+48 22 644 44 44). They have a stand in the arrival hall with English speaking staff.

The addresses to be given to the drivers:

The cost of getting to the city centre may depend on the traffic conditions, but should not exceed 40-50 PLN.

In the arrival hall some people may approach you and offer you transport. DO NOT GO WITH THEM, unless they are dressed in bright yellow waistcoats with logo of the 2 recommended companies.

All taxis must have clearly displayed sign TAXI and the tariff.

Taking public transportation at the airport

From the airport to the conference venue:  Take the bus 188, get off at Metro Politechnika stop  after ~25min (when no traffic jam).  After crossing  Lecha Kaczynskiego street turn left and shortly you will arrive at Rektorska street 4.

From the airport to the University Hotel Hera: Using public transport, you need to change the bus: take the bus 188 from the airport, get off at Pomnik Lotnika (~20min), and change to the bus 167 (direction Siekierki). After ~15min get off at the stop Spacerowa.

From the airport to the city centre and the main railway station (Warszawa Centralna) 

  • bus: the bus 175 running every 15-20 minutes can take you to the main train station Warszawa Centralna (bus stop: Dworzec Centralny, ~25min); one of the recommended hotels – Novotel Warszawa Centrum (bus stop Centrum ~25min),  and near Old Town (~40min).
  • train: at least every 30 minutes there is a train that connects the Chopin airport and the city centre about 10km away and it takes ~20 minutes to reach one of the stations: Warszawa Srodmiescie or Warszawa Centralna. There are 2 types of trains: red (SKM) and green (KM). The ZTM tickets are valid in both of them within the Warsaw city limits. The ticket must be validated immediately after getting on board or you can also validate it on the platform. The green (KM) trains may not have validation machines onboard.
Arriving by plane at Warsaw Modlin airport (WMI)

The Ryanair flights are operating at Warsaw Modlin airport which is located ~40 km north
from Warsaw.

Here you could book the tickets for the shuttle service from/to the WMI airport:

The shuttle stops in the very central point in Warsaw. From there you could probably
walk to your hotel or just take a taxi.

If you like to take a taxi directly from the WMI be carefull to check the price beforehand.
There are some companies that have a fixed price (around 100-150 PLN) and
the others that will charge according to the meter (which will be more expensive).

Arriving by train at Warszawa Centralna

The main train station downtown Warsaw for passengers travelling internationally or from main cities in Poland is Warszawa Centralna.

From main railway station to the conference venue: Take tram 10 (direction Wyscigi) and get off at Pl.Politechniki or the tram 33 (direction Kielecka) and get off at Nowowjejska (~5min).

Take the bus 131 (direction Sadyba)  or the bus 519 (direction Wilanow/Powsin) and get off at Metro Politechnika (~10min).

From main railway station to the University Hotel Hera: Take bus 501, 519 or 131, get off at Spacerowa (~20min). Buses 519, 501 stop at Spacerowa on request.

If you decide to travel to another city in Poland you can search for train connection using PKP railway information web page.

From/To University Hotel “Hera” to/from the conference venue

There are few direct public buses: 131, 519, 522, 501 between the hotel and the conference venue (the bus stop is about 5 minutes walk away, stop is Spacerowa). The stop Spacerowa is on request for the buses 519, 522, 501.  The bus 131 always stops at Spacerowa. The travel takes about 10 minutes if there is no traffic jams (you can expect some in the morning and afternoon rush hours).

To go the conference venue take buses  519 and 522 (direction to Pl. Konstytucji) or buses  131 and 501 (direction to Dworzec Centralny)

To go the hotel take one of the following buses from the stop Metro Politechnika:  the bus 131 (direction Sadyba); the bus 519 (direction Wilanow/Powsin);  the bus 501 (direction Stegny);  the bus 522 (direction Branickiego) On the way back to the Hera hotel don’t forget to request stop for buses 519, 522, 501.

Warsaw Public Transportation (ZTM)

Bus, tram or subway
ztmtram ztmmetro ztmbus

Warsaw has well developed public transportation system of buses, trams and subway which provides convenient way to get around the city.

There are several tickets you can use: 20-minutes (3.40 PLN), 75-minutes (4.40 PLN), 90-minutes (7 PLN). If you plan to go to the Old Town or other places in the evening, you can choose the 1-day travelcard (15 PLN). If you plan to travel  more than 3 times per day then 3-day ticket (36 PLN) is a good option. Tickets with zone 1 (strefa 1) are enough to travel in Warsaw city limits (also to the airport).  You can change the vehicle after validation, within the time limit of the ticket.

The tickets can be purchased at the ZTM Information points (there is one at the arrival hall), news agents, ticket machines at some stops. Not all the vehicles are equipped with vending machines, so do not count on them. The vending machines accept Polish zloty (PLN) and/or Visa/Mastercard cards and have the English interface.

The ticket must be validated immediately after getting onboard, or – in case of trains – you can also validate it on the platform. There are 2 types of trains going to the airport – red (SKM) and green (KM) – and the green ones may not have validation machines onboard.

Detailed  information regarding public transportation can be found on web page of Public Transport Authority of Warsaw.

On the public transportation web site  information can be also found how to get between different points in Warsaw with  bus, tram, subway or train.

A simple map of the transportation network will be included in the conference bag.

Veturilo bikes


Warsaw has got a nice city bike rental system – Veturilo -which allows to commute within Warsaw. It is possible to rent a bike in one place and drop it off at another place in the city (at automatic stations).

You need only to register and pay the initial fee of 10 PLN (~2.5 EUR). More information, prices and map of station locations are available here.

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