Świerk Research Centre campus map

National Centre for Nuclear Research
1 Management
Classified Information Office
2 Dosimetric Surveys Lab
Medical Prevention Centre
3 Świerk Science & Technology Park; Education & Training Division
7, 8 (FM2) Plasma/Ion Beam Technology Division
(TJ1) Particle Acceleration Physics & Technology Division
(TJ2) Interdisciplinary Applications of Physics Division
(TJ3) Radiation Detectors Division
(TJ4) Electronics and Detection Systems Division
IT Division
13 Security
14 Bus Transport Division
14A Świerk Computing Centre
23 Material Testing Lab
24, 25 POLATOM Radisotope Production Centre
28 Administration, Requisitions, Technical Service
38 Entrance pass office
39 "Cyfronet”
(EJ1) Nuclear Energy Division
(FM1) Nuclear Methods in Solid State Physics Division
61 HITEC Division of Nuclear Equipment
67 not used
82 not used
84 (FM2) Plasma/Ion Beam Technology Division
88 Świerk Computing Centre – server room
R2 The MARIA reactor
(EJ2) MARIA Reactor Operations Division
(EJ3) Research Reactor Technology Division
Radioactive Waste Management Plant
R1 Administration