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Acronym: EuroHPC PL

Duration: 01.01.2021–31.12.2023

Objective: The main aim of the EuroHPC PL project is the deployment of the specialized computing infrastructure. The platform will provide access to hybrid resources such as supercomputers, quantum and neuromorphic accelerators, and dedicated services. The EuroHPC project includes studies of the innovations and solutions to adapt scientific problems and the scientific-oriented software to exascale supercomputers and modern computing architectures. This will boost the large-scale computing, as planned in the common European initiative EuroHPC JU (https: //eurohpc-ju. europa. eu), which aims to coordinate efforts and pool resources of participating countries to make Europe a world leader in supercomputing. EuroHPC PL will provide the tools for large-scale simulations, big data analyses, and advanced visualizations techniques, which are currently used by the scientific community.


NCBJ tasks:

Platform for quantum simulations and medical imaging

We develop a software platform for novel diagnostic techniques in medicine, in particular by extending the medical imaging provided by the classical methods by: (1) incorporating the information about the quantum correlation of photons emitted from patients body, (2) development of image reconstruction algorithms for multi-photon tomography, taking advantage of the capacity of quantum emulators and quantum computers, (3) development of tools for generation of realistic tomography images for the total-body scanners. The aforementioned goals correspond to the functional parts of the platform: (1) tools for Monte Carlo simulations dedicated to the evolution of quantum entanglement photons from patients bodies, (2) software package for novel imaging methods, (3) service for generation of realistic tomography images based on Generative Adversarial Networks models, which addresses the current challenge of deep learning applications to medical imaging domain due to the lack of training data.


Cooperation: The project is being realized in cooperation with the experts on PET technology scanner from the Jagiellonian University, Kraków within the J-PET collaboration led by prof. Paweł Moskal (http: //koza. if. uj. edu. pl/pet/). The expertise and the support of the quantum mechanical descriptions of the photon entangled system for the simulation platform is provided by the experts from Quantum Particle Workgroup. Vienna University led by prof. Beatrix C. Hiesmayr (https: //quantumparticle. univie. ac. at/).


Contact: Dr Wojciech Krzemień wojciech.

Main website of the EuroHPC PL project: http: //www. eurohpc. pl/

European initiative EuroHPC: https: //eurohpc-ju. europa. eu